I'm what is known as a "learner driver". I'm learning to a car. So far, I've learnt how to the of my car and I know how to . I can even quite long distances.

Twice a week, my instructor sits in the beside me and me a lesson. First, we look at the and decide on the best . Then we go for a round the town. My instructor gives me advice like "Don't ", or "Stop before you get to the next ", or "We can't go down there. The road is " or "You can't turn right. It says , or "Always stop to allow pedestrians to at the Zebra.

Sometimes we stop at a and my instructor says, "You must never fill up when your engine is . Your engine must be before you put any in the car."

There are two things I hate about driving. One is looking for a and the other is being held up in a of traffic. Yesterday, I sat in a traffic jam for a whole hour and all I could see was of the big truck in front of me!