Sometimes it makes you feel good to dream . There once lived a woman called Mariah, family members were bookkeepers. Because she wasn't very rich, Mariah to go to the market every year to sell the family's honey. she had a long way to go, Mariah had a lot of time for her thoughts to wander. Along the road she walked, carrying the jar of honey upon her head. "First" she thought," I will get a good prize for the honey, I will buy eggs under my brown hens, and in no time, there will be little chicks. Soon, they will become plump chickens, and I'll sell them and buy lambs." Mariah then began even bigger things. "Because they love lamb so much, everybody be paying a lot, I'm sure. And since I'll make so much money, I'll soon be my neighbours. That will be so wonderful." under the sun, Mariah could see how people would say that it was remarkable how well-off she had become. Because she was taking so much pleasure in her fantasy, Mariah started to laugh . Suddenly, she struck the jar with her hand and it from her head, smashing upon the ground. honey became a sticky, dirty mess. Since she saw clearly the ruin of her dreams, Mariah collapsed on the ground looked at the mess bitterly. Then she remembered the saying "Don't count your chickens before they hatch."