My brother who lives in the South has a lovely daughter. Some years ago , my niece was studying English at a university on the south coast.

One evening she phoned to tell me she really wanted to do was travel round the world , so she was looking into the possibility of working in country.

She had seen several ads in the newspaper for student teacher of English abroad , and she was interest in the one in Italy , she was so desperate to visit .

She decided that this job would be a good way to achieve her ambition , so she was writing to apply for the job . The reply took a long time , but eventually she received aletter asking if she go for an interview .

She was excited that she immediately got in touch with the school owner and agreed to attend the interview . She was determined that nothing would prevent her doing what she had set out to do .

A days before the interview she had a very strange dream she gave birth to a beautiful baby . She was a little nervous and worried about the dream and phoned to ask me what I thought it might mean . As I knew about dreams , I was able to assure her that it only symbolised her desire to do well in the interview.

Do you believe in dreams ? Do you think dreams have some meanings and they show a sign for the future ? Should we depend on the dreams while planning for our future ?