Many girls dream of becoming a hostess on a big airline. There is a kind of prestige attached to it. Every year official and pivate institutions which train people to be hostesses receive thousands of applicantions from people who want to choose flying as a career. Working as a hostess ca be quite in some respects; however, the advantages of the job the disadvantages.

One of the biggest of being an airhostess is that the opportunity to travel all round the world and visit places you would probably never see otherwise. Your colleagues are usually quite young and you can have great fun getting round and the sites together. What's more, you can get very cheap travel for youself and your family, which means that you can have some fantastic holidays at very low prices.

There are some , of course, as in all jobs. The work can be pretty hard physically, and you need to be fit and healthy and to have a good strong pair of . While most passangers are extremely pleasant, you do sometimes get some difficult ones who are never satisfied with the service. If you have already got jet-lag and some sore feet, they can really test your patience.

All things considered, though, the good points the bad . Although it can be very demanding a times, as a hostess gives you the opportunities no other job can give, and for this reason, it is a very job .