A successful essay should have :


- Consists of :

                    - a GENERAL STATEMENT : Make a general statement about the topic.

                    - a THESIS STATEMENT  : You state the subject and your opinion clearly.  Thesis Statement            

                                                                    summerises what the whole essay is about.


- Consists of several paragraphs

- Each paragraph presenting a separate viewpoint

- Start each paragraph with a topic sentence ( the topic sentence summarises what the paragraph is about )

- Support the topic sentence with supporting sentences ( explanations, reasons, details, examples )

- Also include a paragraph presenting the opposing viewpoint in another paragraph. 

-  Give reason why you think it is an unconvincing  viewpoint.

- You may include more paragraphs with more viewpoints in the body.

- Use linking words and phrases :

                                1- to join sentences

                                2- to join one paragraph with the other


- Summarise the body; Restate the thesis sentence with different words.

- Present or Restate your opinion.


 In conclusion,  it   can be said   /  must be claimed   that ...
 On balance ,    seems  /   appears  
 All things considered,      would seem  
 Taking everything into consideration,    is likely  / unlikely / possible / foreseeable  
 To conclude,    is clear / obvious  
 To sum up,    is true to say  
 All in all,    may be concluded  


All things considered ,  although it must be said that ..........
    the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that .......


There is no absolute answer to the question of .........


In the light of this evidence,  it is    clear  that .......


 In conclusion ,  it is  clear  from the  above  evidence  that ..........
 All in all,      obvious      foregoing  points
 To sum up,    evident         arguments


 Taking everything into account,  I therefore  conclude  that ...


For the above-mentioned reasons, therefore, I ( firmly ) believe that ..........