1- If you have completed your work, I will let you to go .
  A                           B    C       D                                  


2. The period during which children grow into adults called adolescence .
                         A               B               C         D             


3- After I had worked with her she was able to do it on her alone .
   A        B                        C                    D                         


4-The noise in the factory doesn't bother him because he played in a rock band for five years so he used to working with a lot of noise .
   A                             B                              C                                                D          


5-Due to the fact that unemployment in Turkey a lot of people suffer from poverty .
            A                                B                       C        D                                  


6- An introvert is a person who usually prefers to staying home to attending social activites of functions .
                  A                                       B                C               D                                  


7- It's most like that the president will be re-elected for another four-year term .
          A     B              C                         D                                  


8- Despite hating school she always makes her homework .
      A     B              C      D                                        


9- To learning a foreign language is easy when one is young .
       A                                    B    D                                        


10- When computers first became affordable many educational administrators decided to have them install so that students could benefit.
                                       A               B                                           C                 D