Lessons / Grammar





Tag Questions

To Be

Adjectives After Verbs Like BE

Stative Verbs

Imperatives, Orders

Will-Going to-Present Continuous for FUTURE

Reported Speech / Indirect Speech

Less Direct Questions ( Indirect Questions )


Conditionals - Unless ( if not )

Wish Clauses - For Wishes, For Regrets

Gerunds, Infinitives

Adjectives - Adjective Comparisons & Adjective Clauses ( Relative Clauses )

Nouns & Noun Clauses

Adverbs & Adverb Clauses

Affixes : Prefixes , Suffixes

Linkers & Time Clauses

Participles : Adjectives ending in -ed , Adjectives ending in -ing

Phrasal Verbs

Modals & Modals of Deduction


Compound Nouns

Compound Adjectives

Double Comparatives ( The more....... , the more...... )

Neither do I  ---  So do I

So - Such

So that - Such that

Too - Enough - Very

Expressing Quantity : Some, any, much, many, a lot of, lots of, a little, a few

Used To

Been / Gone

Have, Has / Have got, Has got

Make / Do / Have / Take

Either, Neither, Both ......and, Neither......nor

Something, Anything, Nothing