Re-write the following sentences starting with the given words or phrases in the button on the right :

1- He prefers golf to tennis.

2- Someone stole a car from the garage yesterday.

3- The furniture was so expensive that I didn't buy it.

4- We cannot waste any time.

5- Why don't we meet outside the cinema?

6- Love is the only thing that you need.

7- It is necessary for you to be eighteen before you can vote.

8- I haven't seen him for two weeks.

9- The last time I smoked a cigarette was five years ago.

10- I would like you to help me to put this picture up.

11- Why do the stores close so early in this town?.

12- Shall I help you with that luggage?

13- He learned to swim when he was three years old.

14- He would prefer you to pay him immediately.

15- I have never had such a terrifying experience in my life.

16- She finds it strange to stay at home all day.

17- "You stole my best picture, David" said Alfred.

18- My car was towed away from the academic lot yesterday.

19- How long have you been married?

20- Fish and meat are the same price in this shop.