Re-write the following sentences starting with the given words or phrases in the button on the right :

1- Richard often says to his son: " You must come home early in the evenings."

2- What time does the film start?

3- I can't help you unless you tell me the whole story.

4- Perhaps it will be fine this afternoo. We'll go out then.

5- He wasn't injured in the car crash, because he was wearing a seat belt.

6- We're lost. Why didn't we bring a map with us?

7- She didn't accept his proposal. Now she regrets not having accepted his proposal.

8- I saw that film. I remember it very well.

9- The mechanic serviced my car last week.

10- The weather was so hot that we couldnit go for a picnic.

11- I can't translate this letter because I don't know French.

12- He wore gloves so that he wouldn't leave fingerprints.

13- They spent three months painting their house.

14- "Let's go to the new restaurant" Your friend says.


15- The comedian was very funny. The audience laughed.

16- Mom doesn't speak French as well as Dad.


17- You use a hammer to put a nail into the wall .

18- He left the house just before the explosion occurred.


19- She picked up the glass very carefully in order not to break it.


20- They didn't give me very much information about the place.