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1. I have worked at the Unirversity for over ten years now. True False

2. When did you get here?TrueFalse

3. Have you read a book called "Waiting for Anya"?  Who wrote it? TrueFalse

4. Charles is a gifted footballer, but up to now he didn't play well in international matches.

True False

5. We 've seen Jean in town the other day.True False

6. Did you ever go to the opera when you lived in Milan? TrueFalse

7. I was meeting a lot of interesting people while I was working in Norway.TrueFalse

8. How long are you wearing glasses.TrueFalse

9. That's twice I 've been forgetting to bring my diary to work this week. TrueFalse

10. I've never been listening to any of Aguado's music before. TrueFalse

11. The new bridge was opened six mounths ago. True False

12. When I saw the vase , I knew it was exactly what I had looked for.TrueFalse

13. When I grow up I 'll be an astronaut. TrueFalse

14. Take your umbrella; it's going to rain .True False

15. The world's supply of oil will soon run out. TrueFalse

16. Put your coat on before you go out.TrueFalse

17. I promise I will call you as soon as I get home. True False

18. The last time I met John, he 's getting on a train to go to Brussels. True False

19. You'd better leave now if you want to catch the last bus. True False

20. Before I went to university, I worked as a carpenter for about five years. True False

21. If the drought goes on much longer, there can be water rationing before the end of the month.

True False

22. Her parents might have influenced her decision to resign. True False

23. I was in my office all day. You could have come to see me at any time.  True False

24. I'm not able to believe she's 50.  She looks much younger than that. True False

25.After the trees have been cut back, we will be able to see more of the garden from the sitting room.

True False

26. When I went to school we had to learn Latin. True False

27. He didn't cook the dish himself so you don't have to eat it all.  He won't be offended. True False

28. He appeared having trouble with his car. True False

29. It's not worth taking the trouble to write to him.  He never replies. True False

30. We did some research into the state of the Swedish car industry. True False

31. I'm afraid I did a mistake in the calculation. TrueFalse

32. The fence was collapsed during the storm. True False

33. Before his lecture, Professor Taylor was inroduced to us. TrueFalse

34. The orchestra was conducted. True False

35. (Somebody) remembered Jane leaving the house at about 2.00. True False

36. The children wanted to come with me. True False

37. It has been told that the road will be closed tomorrow for repairs. True False

38. John was decided to chair the meeting. True False

39. What would you like to drink? True False

40. I asked Tony how was he getting to Brussels. True False

41. Have not you finished your homework yet? True False

42. Haven't you got nobody to help you? True False

43. He made me do it. True False

44. Did you remember to buy some milk on your way home? True False

45. If the stain doesn't come out of your shirt when you wash it, try to soak it first in bleach.

True False

46. He advised giving up smoking . TrueFalse

47. I told where we should meet. True False

48.  She asked me the way to the city centre .TrueFalse

49. When I went to the dentist last week I had two teeth taken out. TrueFalse

50. I'd like this parcel to send to Malaysia, please. How much will it cost?True False

51. I asked him the way.True False

52. She said good-bye to me.TrueFalse

53. 'Why isn't David coming to eat with us?' 'He didn't say he was very hungry.' True False

54.An announcement was made in parliament today that there has been a sharp fall in unemployment.

True False

55. Your mother tells me you were still hoping to become a vet. True False

56. The student confessed that he hasn't done his homework. TrueFalse

57. I've just been talking your mother. I understood that you're very worried about your exams.

True False

58. Mary said about her holiday to the rest of the class. True False

59. The doctor advised to cut down on fatty foods. TrueFalse

60. I asked my brother if I could borrow his bike. True False

61. When Jenny phoned last week, she said that she will be arriving this morning. But she hasn't turned up.


62. John told me he would be in Hong-Kong in August.True False

63. The equipment was faulty. True False

64. The contrast between Britain and other countries in Europe are striking. True False

65. 40% of people under the age of 25 is unemployed. True False

66. It belongs to a friend of his. True False

67. They went on a three-month training course.True False

68. We put our empty bottles in a bottles bank for recycling. True False

69. She bought me a box of chocolates for my birthday. True False

70. Lucy is lawyer , like her father. True False

71. The soup I had last night was too salty. True False

72. A can opener was invented in 1862. True False

73. Woodwards live in the house next door.TrueFalse

74. Did you buy any tomatoes when you went shopping? True False

75. There isn't much traffic along the street where I live. True False

76. Each buses owned by the company are washed once a week. True False

77. None of the furniture has arrived yet. TrueFalse

78. It cost fewer than twenty pounds. True False

79. The boy threw the stone who is wearing the yellow shirt . True False

80. The car that I had in 1990 was blue. True False

81. My mother who is in her seventies enjoys hill walking.TrueFalse

82. My older brother , who you'll meet later , is a dentist. TrueFalse

83. He lived at the top of an old house whose attic had been converted into a flat.True False

84. 'Do you like your present?' -- 'It's just the thing what I was hoping for.' True False

85. The man breaking the window wants to see you. True False

86. Opening the book , I noticed that the pages had been drawn on.TrueFalse

87. Waiting in the queue for half an hour, Tom suddenly realised that he had left his wallet at home.

True False

88. My sister drew herself the picture . True False

89. I never dreamed the exhibition would be such a success. TrueFalse

90. She speaks French very good . TrueFalse

91. The report provides worrying evidence of the spread of the disease.True False

92. He's keen on play football. True False

93. Although they played well, they never looked like winning.TrueFalse

94. Despite the snow was still falling heavily , she went out. True False

95. Peter would have avoided the traffic jam if he'd set out a bit earlier. TrueFalse

96. If I knew what you wanted, I'd help you. True False

97. I will be grateful if you will send me a copy of your latest catalogue. True False

98. He won't be able to go to university unless he passes his exams. True False

99. She got low grades for her exams, therefore she had to retake them to get into college. True False

100.There have been many problems with the new bridge.True False

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